Project Work

Plan Corrections, IRS or DOL Issues

Working with Qualified Retirement Plans for over 30 years, Theresa can help with many aspects of your retirement plan specifically related to corrections.  Theresa also is an Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent (ERPA) so is able to represent you and your retirement in front of the IRS.  Special projects include:

  • Late deposits – consulting and calculations

  • Audits – assist in audits with the IRS or DOL or with an audit that has detailed items that need to be corrected

  • Creating a retirement plan committee including proper documentation

  • Creating a better qualified retirement plan to better address the needs of both ownership and employees

TPA Specific Consulting

The Tricks Of The Trade

Having spent 25 years running her own TPA firm, Theresa can help TPA business owners with many things that come up relating to running a TPA firm.

  • How to streamline your business including client structuring, outsourcing or developing new lines of business

  • How to get your TPA practice ready to sell and exit planning

  • Transitioning your firm to a buyer

  • Leadership Training

  • Staff Training and Development

Business Consulting

Creating Success

Business consulting comes in many shapes and forms.  Let’s talk about the ways we can grow your business to help accomplish your goals, these are just some of the areas that we can work on:

  • Leadership and Staff Development Training

  • How to facilitate change in your business by developing new ways of doing business (and throwing out old models)

  • Financial Advisors – steps you can take to grow your retirement practice

  • Coaching of leaders and staff to help them grow

  • Build a better brand for yourself and your firm

  • Marketing and website review

  • Media and online presence consulting

  • Working with women on challenging areas including:

      • balancing responsibilities
      • fear of failure and timidity
      • adequate support system
      • equality and the strength to demand it
      • getting past the social and traditional constraints

What Clients Say
We can tell you how great we are, but there is nothing better than a satisfied client to tell you what we are all about.

I had the absolute pleasure of having Theresa as my coach this year. I have met and interacted with Theresa at various retirement industry events over the years and was so delighted for the opportunity to work with her.

We spent valuable time together every week, discussing my career goals and struggles. Theresa truly helped me see situations from a different perspective and gave me actionable items that have already directly impacted my career, and specifically my career advancement. She helped show me ways to be more assertive in my position and open myself up to additional opportunities for growth in my company as well as our industry. I am so thankful for the time she spent with me. She made me feel important and I could not be happier with the experience I had. I would recommend Theresa as a mentor to anyone who is looking to grow personally and/or professionally.

Jessica Ritchie

Strategic Account Manager