I can tell you that many years ago I would have told you that I made it in this world all by myself…but when I look truly back at my life, there were so many people who have guided me along the way.  We all need a guide and you just need to recognize them and how they can help you that will make you a better person.

There were many mentors in my life especially when I first started both my career and my business.  The best thing about having a mentor is that they can see a problem through a different view and offer insights or suggestions based on their experience.  Mentors can often help you make more informed and confident decisions and help you hone your leadership skills.  Mentors are also great for networking and we all know that networking is essential to growing your career or business.

I also think that having a coach can help you develop new skills along with overcoming obstacles and challenges that might be holding you back.  One of the other things about a coach is that they can help you stay focused on your goals and priorities.  Coaches often help you achieve balance between your personal and professional life so that you can continue to grow!

Find a trusting mentor, coach or someone to guide you – especially someone you want to be like!