Some things you firmly believe in now will change as you grow older, so always keep an open mind. I can definitely tell you that there were things in my early life that I said I didn’t believe in that changed for me as time moved on.  Make sure you listen to the people and the world around you will help you see things through different eyes.  Keeping an open mind and perspective will help us find a solution and help us to learn more about ourselves.

One other thing that we can do is to take a risk.  We are often afraid of certain things in life, but I have found that by doing something I feared it can have great results.  The effect of fear can be exhilarating and can overall give us greater satisfaction or triumph when we accomplish the task, and our fear goes away. Scientists have done studies in recent years showing that challenging our fears can actually help us to overcome everything from depression to anxiety.

We should always take a step back when we are looking for a solution.  By looking at the big picture and asking, will this really matter in 5 minutes, 5 months, or 5 years?  So instead of complaining, find solutions…ask what is the real issue?  Does the irritating thing represent something small that will pass over or is it a real issue in your life that you should address?  By writing it down and thinking it through you can come up with a real solution or let it go if it isn’t that important.