There are so many ways that experiences can help us in our life, and I am going to talk about a few of them that have been helpful to me.  The first is spending some time alone.  I know that sounds a little crazy, but I truly love spending time alone.  By taking time to be alone with my thoughts, it helps me recharge and reflect on my life.  It shouldn’t take away from other things in your life, but just a little bit of alone time can work wonders!

The second way that we should talk about experiences is by talking to strangers.  I can honestly tell you that this is not a strong suit for me…but for my husband it is easy…he is the guy who will talk to you in a completely full elevator in Las Vegas.  Of course, when we were kids, this was a big no from our parents. But as adults, by talking to strangers, you might make a new friend, learn something new and draw people into your life that add a great experience. You may also learn a little about yourself.

The final thing about experiences is truly traveling.  Whether that is alone, with a group of girlfriends, with your spouse or with your family, I feel that travel adds excitement to your life.  You get to experience a new state or country and discover something that you didn’t know before.  I also think one of the benefits of choosing experiences over things is that we are able to gain a fuller and richer understanding of ourselves.  It may also allow us to become better equipped to handle whatever challenges life might throw at us in the future!