I am not a person who likes to look back on my life and figure out what I would change.  In fact, I prefer to look forward in life. However, I think there are some things in my past that I would have changed that I hope can be lessons for others…and not just for younger women but for all women.

The first thing that I would recommend is that you learn to know yourself better than anyone.  Knowing what you love and what’s important to you can lead to greater happiness and long-term fulfillment in your life.  And there will definitely be things that you don’t love in life so don’t be afraid to be clear about those things and don’t waste time on them.

One other thing to always consider is to act on your gut feelings or that voice in your head.  Doing something that you have always wanted to do can lead to extraordinary things.  And listening to your gut doesn’t just happen with “good” things like starting your own business but can also happen with things that you need to change in your life like getting out of a bad relationship or a bad job.

By visualizing your “ideal self” you can be what you want to be and what you want to achieve!